FP Hurley & sons Ltd.

Phillip Hurley

Phillip is  a Director at F P Hurley & Sons Ltd and has responsibility for delivering a quality service and maintaining client relationships. He became Managing Director in 2000, and successfully managed the Company until 2017, when he stepped down to Director. He ensures staff deliver excellent performances to all clients, and to identify customers’ wishes providing business and engineering solutions in order to administer the project in the best possible way.

With over 45 years’ experience in building services, Phillip has a proven track record in the industry. He takes a positive and professional approach to business decisions and implementation, with total commitment and enthusiasm to achieving project objectives.  He is able to communicate at a professional and personal level, in order to develop teams and enhancing collaborative skills throughout the company. 

Phillip’s effective management skills are reflected by the high level of repeat business within the company, with several supply chain partnerships being established with major clients.

Phillip Hurley
FP Hurley & Sons Ltd