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Kingway Centre, Newport
Main Contractor : HBG Construction
Contract Value :
£1.9 million
Client : UBS Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd
Kingway Centre, Newport

Description :

The existing Shopping Centre is being redeveloped/upgraded and extended, complete with a new adjoining multi-storey Car Park

HVAC Installation(s) :

External/internal M.C.W. Services
Mall Heating/Ventilation system via 3 off AHU’s.
Mall Smoke Extract system and Smoke Curtain
New above Ground Drainage
Alterations to the existing above Ground Drainage
New Fire Sprinkler Tanks and Sprinkler Pump Installation
Alterations to the existing Sprinkler Mains
L.P.H.W. Heating Installations
Service Road and Car Park Smoke/Fume Extract systems
Gas Outlet Pipework Installation
BMS Installation

FP Hurley & Sons Ltd