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Medway Maritime Hospital, Kent
Main Contractor : F P Hurley & Sons Ltd
Contract Value :
£1.5 million
Client : Medway NHS Trust
Medway Maritime Hospital, Kent

Description :

F P Hurley headed up a team as Principal Contractor during this £1.5 million project, which formed part of the Medway NHS foundation Trust’s target to reduce CO2 emissions by 15%.

The company played a significant role in the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) programme, and works were delivered with minimal disruption to the hospital whilst maintaining supply at all times

HVAC Installation(s) :

Installation of 2 No 5250 KW steam to water plate heat exchangers, 7 No pumps (complete with invertors, dosing pot, fill unit and expansion vessels), removal of 56 boilers and replacement with 18 water to water plate heat exchangers, insulated pipework (phenolic with internal work clad in aluminium and external pib rubber), HV and LV electric installed from CHP to transformer through ring main unit.

FP Hurley & Sons Ltd